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"Inspired by her patients, plastic surgeon Dr. Nina Naidu set about developing her own skin care range, Anokha."
Heading East
Vogue India
"A luxury, clean beauty skincare line based on South Asian botanicals."
Best of Boutique Clean Beauty
Mantra Yoga & Health
"It all adds up to an addictive skin care experience that's less regimen than indulgence."
Spot On: Anokha Skin Care
"...the best creams, serums, masks and patches...Anokha® Mango Butter Eye Treatment"
Look at My Eyes
Les Novelles Esthétiques & Spa
"The lightweight cream is formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also formulated with antioxidants including lotus flower, gotu kola, and soybean plants. "
Mango Eye Cream
Skin & Allergy News
"Anokha, the New York-based niche skin care brand, focuses on using Indian ingredients."
Indi Genius!
Marie Claire India
"The light and creamy Mango Butter Eye Treatment by Anokha Skin Care brightens and clarifies the orbital region."
Les Novelles Esthétiques & Spa
"Turmeric, red sandalwood, tulsi, and rose petal powder decrease inflammation and boost hydration."
Bring a touch of Ayurveda to your health and beauty routine.
Spa Magazine
"Formulated by a plastic surgeon, Anokha Almond Cleansing Milk gently purifies and removes makeup without drying or irritating your face. "
Cold Care
Pilates Style
"An amazing two-step morning routine: a gentle cleansing milk and a soothing toner, both concocted by an Upper East Side plastic surgeon using South Asian botanicals. "
New York: Local Natural Skincare
Lucky Magazine
"Jasmine essential oil is revered in many cultures -- and utilized in many treatments rooms."
A Star Turn
Day Spa Magazine
"Along with the rosewater, extract of burdock root soothes inflammation the lotus flower stimulates circulation, and gotu kola rejuvenates."
Toners: A Rosey Ending
Long Island Pulse Magazine
"Dr. Nina Naidu, founder of Anokha skincare, recommends whole fat milk as a cleanser because of its natural moisturizing properties. "
Traditionally Natural
East West Magazine
"Anokha Lotus Flower & Rosewater Toner"
Signature Magazine
"Nina Naidu, founder of skincare brand anokha in New York where her light-textured Jasmine Serum, made from the Indian jasmine plant, has acquired a cult status. "
Jasmine: Flower Fetish
Marie Claire India
"Nina S. Naidu uses South Asian plants and botanicals for her potent natural skin care line."
New York: Great Picks
Lucky Magazine
"Jasmine Serum...this light fragrant moisturizer evokes the South Asian tradition of using natural oils to nourish the skin after cleansing for a healthy, radiant balance. "
Holistic Beauty
Living Magazine


Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018 Editor's Choice - amla skin brightening lotion
Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018 Editor's Choice - vata facial oil

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019 Winner, Best Toner - lotus flower & rosewater toner

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019 Editor's Choice Award - mango butter eye treatment

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 Editor's Choice - blue lotus body oil

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 Editor's Choice - jasmine serum

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 Finalist, Best Toner - lotus flower & rosewater toner