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skin care for every layer of you

anokha layers active botanicals with over 20 years of medical expertise to create award-winning and clinically validated products that are as sensory as they are restorative.

because there is more than one dimension to your beauty, we believe that your skincare routine should be layered, too, infusing your skin with what it needs, when it needs it.

ignite a private moment of beauty, every day.

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about anokha

in the increasingly crowded world of skin care, anokha rests calmly at the intersection of medicine and nature.

established in 2008 by board-certified plastic surgeon Nina S. Naidu, MD FACS , anokha was created in response to multiple requests by her patients for clinical-grade skincare without potentially harmful ingredients. the result was the discovery of a range of natural actives with robust data on safety and efficacy.

these extraordinary botanicals have been incorporated into elevated and luxurious products for the face and body which are now available online and at very select retailers.

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bakuchiol pomegranate facial oil anokha luxury skincare

ingredient focus: bakuchiol

bakuchiol is one of the most exciting natural actives to arrive on the scene. hailed as one of the trendiest ingredients of 2019 by Mintel, bakuchi...

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ingredient focus: jasmine

ingredient focus: jasmine

the jasmine flower is one of the most beloved and symbolic flowers found throughout South Asia. small white or yellow flowers are surrounded by vi...

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dry oils

dry oils

you may have heard of “dry oils” – these aren’t oils which have been magically transformed into powders, but rather describe their characteristic o...

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beauty has a conscience

like you, beauty has a conscience. which is why we donate 5% of each sale to support a medical charity that provides aid to people threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.

so, when you purchase a product, you can go to bed knowing you’re doing your bit to support and help where it matters. that’s our kind of beauty sleep.

grow in beauty and stand for something bigger.

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