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article: mango madness

mango madness

mango madness

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From flavor to color to scent, the mango is an undeniably happy fruit. We love them as much as part of our beauty routines as we do on our plates. Not sold on this sweet “King of Fruits”? Read on for 7 delicious reasons why you should put food on your face. 


first layer: the spiritual stuff

We love it when beauty meets spirituality, and the mango does not disappoint. Mangoes have been associated with faith and prosperity since the rise of Buddhism, and legend has it that the Buddha himself was presented with a mango grove in order to rest under the shade of the trees. The Hindu god Ganesha often totes a ripe mango as a symbol of attainment to represent the potential perfection of his devotees, while mango blossoms are used in the worship of the Hindu goddess Saraswati. The mango tree was also associated with the god of love, Manmatha, and its blossoms were considered to be the god’s arrows by the Hindu Nanda kings. Sweet indeed.


second layer: a mean little exfoliator

Mix the pulp of a mango with a bit of brown sugar for a deliciously scented body exfoliator. The grains of sugar will gently slough off dead skin while all those antioxidants packed into the mango will help to keep your skin clear and prevent infection and inflammation. And it’s not just the delicious mango pulp that’s good for you. Mango extract is derived from the skin of the fruit, which is rich in clever alpha hydroxyl acids that assist in exfoliation and general rejuvenation.


third layer: romancing the stone

Don’t forget the stone! Mango butter is actually made from the seed of the mango. Creamy mango seed butter is full of skin repairing antioxidants that help to deeply moisturize your skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


fourth layer: give carrots a run for their money

Sorry bunnies. We know how much you love your orange sticks, but ripe mangoes pack a punch in the vitamin A department too, helping to rejuvenate the skin and prevent breakouts.


fifth layer: boost your collagen

We’re a fan of anything that encourages skin-plumping collagen, and the King of Fruits does just that by helping to increase collagen bundles to leave your skin looking radiant.


sixth layer: moisturize me

Moisturizers that boast the mango as an ingredient can help your skin to look and feel younger. Mango extract has been shown to significantly increase the thickness of the epidermis and decrease wrinkles. It’s all thanks to the antioxidants contained within the mango pulp. These compounds fend off nasty free radicals - the things that induce premature aging and can damage skin.


seventh layer: scare away bacteria

We’re afraid of bugs of all sorts, including the tiny ones called bacteria. Mangoes might seem sweet, but they have hidden strength when it comes to standing up to microbial attacks on your skin.  


A little plug: Classical Sanskrit poet Kalidasa is said to have sung the praises of mango.  We too sing the praises of this wonderful fruit by including it as a key component in anokha’s mango butter eye treatment.


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