oatmeal cleansing milk

$ 38

a soothing milk cleanser with a blend of softening and exfoliating extracts to gently cleanse and refresh skin.

be smooth, feel sweet.

  • natural
  • clean
  • cruelty-free
  • physician-formulated


our soothing cleansing milk contains a natural blend of colloidal oatmeal and milk protein to gently cleanse, exfoliate and refresh skin. helps to clear pores and minimize excess sebum in oilier skin, while maintaining healthy balance in normal skin types. milk protein contains lactic acid to help gently exfoliate and brighten the complexion.

*pump is included with bottle.

layer: cleanse as the first step in your skincare routine, morning and evening


  • assists in decreasing excess sebum in oily skin types
  • helps normal skin to maintain balance
  • cleanses for clearer pores with gentle exfoliation


size: 7.53 oz / 225 ml


  • colloidal oatmeal, a gentle exfoliant, is considered to be one of the best ingredients for oily skin types. it removes dead skin cells while smoothing, absorbs excess oil, and restores the barrier function of the skin.
  • milk protein is highly valued in skin care for its soothing and softening abilities. the lactic acid contained in milk also gently exfoliates.
  • orange peel extract is utilized to exfoliate and even pigmentation.



water (aqua), sodium olefin sulfonate, colloidal oatmeal (Avena sativa), glycerin, stearyl alcohol, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, decyl glucoside, glyceryl stearate, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, alcohol*, orange (Citrus sinensis) extract*, milk powder* 


scent: oatmeal

to use, wash the face with warm water and apply cleanser. massage over face and neck for one minute. rinse well with warm water and pat skin dry. for best results, follow with lotus flower & rosewater toner and jasmine serum or facial oil while skin is still damp. use morning and night. for external use only, beauty.

for more beauty, see how to layer.

what is a cleansing milk?

a cleansing “milk” is a creamy cleanser with a smooth consistency. like milk, it generally does not foam upon use, as there is a very low concentration of surfactants. while we do use milk protein in this formula, a cleansing milk doesn’t necessarily contain milk.


will my face still get clean if the cleanser doesn’t foam?  

yes, absolutely. surfactants are contained in most cleansers as they act as detergent and wetting agents and help to thicken formulations. they can also provide a nice foam. however, these foaming surfactants can also strip the skin of its necessary oils, leaving the skin feeling tight and dry. we use a lower concentration of natural surfactants which have less tendency to foam, preserving your natural oils while cleansing.


what type of skin is best served by a creamy cleanser?

all skin types can use this cleanser. while it was originally created for oily skin as colloidal oatmeal helps to reduce excess sebum, we’ve discovered that the oatmeal also works as a humectant, which retains moisture in dry skin types.


why is the bottle plastic rather than glass like the rest of your product?

we love the elegance and sustainability of glass but find that it’s not best-suited for this cleanser. glass bottles have a smaller opening which does not accommodate the larger pump required to extrude the cleanser. our glass bottles are also smaller in size, which would limit the quantity of cleanser which can be carried. so for now, our oatmeal cleansing milk will be in a recyclable plastic bottle.


can men use this product?

yes, this product is safe for men, even right after shaving.  it helps to soothe freshly shaved skin, too. we’re working on a little something especially for men, so watch this space.


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