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the retinol alternative


what is bakuchiol?

Psoralea corylifolia

bakuchiol is a concentrated natural active ingredient derived from Psoralea corylifolia. it's been shown to impart the benefits of retinol, but without the same degree of associated side effects.

what does bakuchiol do?

- acts as an antioxidant

- stimulates collagen synthesis

- activates anti-aging genes

- fights acne

- reduces hyperpigmentation

bakuchiol versus retinol

in clinical and laboratory studies, bakuchiol has shown higher antioxidative efficacy, improved epidermal regeneration, equivalent wrinkle reduction, and a higher level of pigmentation reduction when compared to retinol.

what they're saying

after just two weeks I could see a new clarity and healthy glow in my skin.

sanju b.

as stunning as anokha bakuchiol & pomegranate facial oil looks in the bottle, its effects are even more stunning on your skin.


helped by reducing blemishes and some dark spots.

melissa c.

not only will this facial oil look oh-so-photogenic on your vanity, but it also features bakuchiol (a plant-based alternative to retinol), a godsend for the treatment of fine lines, pigmentation, and acne — even in sensitive skin.

the zoe report

it works better than retinal and is so gentle on my skin. my fine lines are reduced and it leaves my skin feeling so soft.

natascha c.

anokha skincare bakuchiol & pomegranate facial oil bottle 30 ml 1 oz on white background

bakuchiol & pomegranate facial oil

a luxurious facial oil that winds back wrinkles, with natural retinol alternative bakuchiol. perfect for those sensitive skin types.

it’s skin’s very own time machine. fluorescent spandex not included.

$142 (1 oz) and $35 (0.25 oz)

bakuchiol & pomegranate facial oil