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article: layers of skin care

layers of skin care

layers of skin care

layers on skin floral anokha skin care

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You know that using the proper skincare products can be beneficial to your skin’s health. But, do you know that how you apply and layer them will also affect their benefits? If you’ve been wondering about the correct order of skincare layering and its importance in your clean beauty routine, read on.


first layer: the science of layering

With so many skincare products in your beauty arsenal, the process can seem overwhelming. Where to start? That will depend on both your skin and the products in your routine and their chemical composition. Each clean beauty product has different properties, which determines the order of application. Likewise, your skin has specific needs which will determine what you use and when.


second layer: the morning skincare routine

Wake up, beauty. Start your morning with one to two pumps of a cream cleanser, such our oatmeal cleansing milk, to remove excess oil and dead skin cells. Massage over your face and neck gently in a circular motion and rinse off with lukewarm water. Cleansers also prep the skin for the next step, toner application. In addition to removing excess cleanser, toners help to rebalance the skin’s pH, which ideally sits around 5.5. Our favorite? anokha’s lotus flower & rosewater toner, which contains lotus flower, gotu kola, rosewater, and burdock root. Following your toner, apply a water-soluble serum with active ingredients to penetrate the skin’s barrier and nourish. Our jasmine serum uses powerhouse ingredients including hyaluronic acid, panthenol, almond oil, sandalwood, and jasmine to nourish the skin and improve moisture levels. Just 2-3 drops of serum applied over your face and neck are needed to experience its hydrating benefits. The fourth layer is optional, and is indicated for those with very dry skin. Apply 2-3 dabs of our lotus & lychee facial crème over the face and neck in gentle dabbing motions. We favor the application of oil following your water-based layers in order to lock in your vital moisture. The final layer is your sunscreen, ideally with an SPF of at least 30. Use sunscreen every day, rain or shine, to protect your skin from premature aging and skin cancer.

third layer: the evening skincare routine

Time to take it all off, beauty. To prepare and hydrate your skin for your beauty sleep, begin with a cleansing oil (perhaps our rice bran and pomegranate facial cleansing oil) to pull off dirt and makeup. Follow with a cream cleanser, toner, serum, and crème. We recommend that everyone use a facial oil in the evening, regardless of skin type. Your skin will drink in the extra moisture overnight, allowing you to awake to a dewy morning.


fourth layer: flexibility + benefits

Our environments and needs change daily, but the health of our skin doesn’t have to. Layering your skincare products allows you the flexibility of treating your skin’s needs on any given day. By applying an additional layer of lotion, moisturizer, or vitamin C serum during travel days, or adding an eye cream into the mix on days where we feel extra tired, we can keep our skin hydrated and happy. The same flexibility should extend throughout life’s stages, whether you add in an anti-aging regime to combat fine lines or work in an extra acne treatment, exfoliation, or face wash to fight blemishes. While there is a science to layering, it’s also an art. 

a little plug: at anokha, we offer all of the essential layers for sustainable beauty. For a cleansing first layer, consider our oatmeal cleansing milk. It combines oatmeal extract with milk protein and orange peel extract to gently exfoliate and restore balance. It works beautifully in combination with the lotus flower & rosewater toner, jasmine serum, and our lotus & lychee facial crème . Every layer of our products are free from parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances. As always, sunscreen use is urged daily.

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