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article: the ultimate anokha gift guide

the ultimate anokha gift guide

the ultimate anokha gift guide

Gift Set

the bottom line

because 2020 was very much about being home and safe, our gift ideas for this season follow the same theme of feeling nurtured. we've picked items from a few of our favorite countries since we don't have the luxury of travel this year:

warm mugs from Japan

our founder was in kyoto for a medical conference in 2016 and spent one glorious day wandering the city through the temples and food markets. she brought back a few of their heavy mugs without handles; you can wrap your hands around them and feel the heat of your tea or coffee. we can usually find cute ones at the local Japanese and Korean grocery stores in NYC. our founder's favorite mug has little heads of famous sumo wrestlers all over it.

comfy Icelandic socks

our founder spent last new year's in Reykjavik with her son Kiran, and one of her shopping expeditions involved buying extra warm socks (Icelanders know a bit about how to keep warm). our favorites are from farmers market. if you can splurge, add in a gorgeous blanket.

delicacies from Paris

they also spent a few days in Paris in 2017, during which time they explored art stores, tiny restaurants that served crêpes, and, of course, La Tour Eiffel. our favorite french treats: la maison du chocolat and candles from diptyque.

the mysteries of Holland

in full disclosure, we haven't been to Amsterdam (yet), but our founder's favorite mystery series by Janwillem van de Wetering is set in this fascinating city and features two quirky policeman and a buddhist chief of police. their approach to solving crimes is somewhat unconventional, to say the least. available in English at soho press.

selfcare mask collection from NYC

for the ultimate in skin selfcare, we'd recommend our gift set with our blue clay clarifying masque, a handmade masque dish, and a luxurious vegan brush. guaranteed to pacify the grumpiest sister-in-law or employer.

happy holidays, beauty.



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