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article: all pro, never anti

all pro, never anti

all pro, never anti

all pro never anti

the bottom line

We’re not big fans of skincare products that claim to be “anti-aging”. Aging is the most natural aspect of human existence, so rather than trying to fight it, we believe in embracing and enhancing it, every day. We create clinically-validated, award-winning skincare that values your every layer, old or young.

We’re all pro, never anti. 

first layer: the pro

Our formulations are created by a plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She’s worked on every layer of the skin, and all of the layers below it, too. Naturally, she’s formed a few opinions about what works, and what doesn’t. While she recommends medical-grade skincare (with ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C) when necessary, she knows that most people just need a basic regimen to keep things in order: a creamy and hydrating cleanser to remove dirt; a gentle toner to balance without harsh astringents; delicate oils or a moisturizer to lock in moisture and prevent dry skin; serums to nourish; and a sunscreen to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. It’s all about highlighting your natural beauty, regardless of age.


second layer: the anti

There’s no shortage of “anti” in the beauty industry: “anti-aging products”, “anti-wrinkle skincare”, and “wrinkle repair” creams and moisturizers are just a few of the terms sprinkled throughout the offerings of major beauty brands. The implication, however, is there is something unnatural about aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. We think that your beauty products should make you feel supported and loved. After all, aging is itself a natural and beautiful part of life that should be celebrated in all forms.


third layer:  beauty as empowerment

Beauty is not reserved for the youth. Every woman is entitled to clean beauty and natural skincare, regardless of age. Let’s allow beauty to elevate and rejuvenate us, rather than erroneously suggest that time can somehow be reversed.  

At anokha, we want you to age gracefully and to be in love with your skin, fine lines included. Focus on the positives in skincare, aging and life. We all have many layers, so why not flaunt them? Embrace each of your “imperfections”; they are part of what makes you uniquely you.


fourth layer: beauty without compromise

Our beauty routines enliven every layer of us. Beyond merely providing our complexions with a healthy glow, the products we choose align with our morals and values. Our products aren’t just crafted with efficacy in mind, they’re formulated to be as sustainable and clean as possible. Clean beauty products that are free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances can still deliver clinically validated results.  

Sustainability matters, too. As we outlined in our recent blog post on sustainable beauty, there are many ways in which beauty brands can limit their carbon footprints. anokha sources ingredients which are not endangered or over-harvested. For instance, for our jasmine serum, we use Australian sandalwood rather than Indian sandalwood, which is in dangerously short supply. We also favor eco-friendly materials that are refillable, recyclable, or compostable to help limit environmental impact.  


A little plug: at anokha, our products are crafted for women of all ages, fine lines included. We value your every layer, inside and out. Come visit us online to learn more.

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