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article: it starts with a kiss

it starts with a kiss

it starts with a kiss

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the bottom line 

The skin of our lips is thinner than on almost any other part of our bodies. While facial skin may have up to 16 layers of cells, the lips have only 3-5 layers. They also lack sweat glands, which means that they tend to dry out faster and become chapped. Pucker up with these top tips to transform your babies from rough and rugged to seriously smooth.


We say it a lot, and we'll say it again: hydrate. Dry lips can look cracked or scaly - far from the velvety soft pout we’re aiming for. Take a holistic approach and keep your skin and body hydrated throughout the day by drinking 6-8 glasses of aqua.  Invest in one of the latest cool infusion bottles which allow you to infuse your water with fruit, crystals, or whatever takes your fancy.



We regularly buff our arms and legs for super soft skin- why not our lips? Keep it simple with a gentle scrub to remove dry and flaky skin. While there are some excellent lip scrubs on the market, you can easily create your own by mixing a teaspoon of coffee grounds with a little coconut oil and massaging in. Bonus benefit- the treatment acts as a primer for your balm or color by softening the lips' texture.


no licking:

We could really go a lot of weird places with this one, but we'll keep it clean. Unless your name is Anastasia Steele, habitually licking or biting your lips can damage the skin. Leave the Fifty Shades of Grey lip biting to one side and break the cycle of eternally chapped lips. Stress can sometimes trigger lip licking and biting; apply a lip balm, chew a piece of gum, or meditate - just leave those poor puckers alone.   



Sun, wind and cold air can all act to dry the lips - which is why you’ll always catch us slathering on a lip balm to seal in moisture and keep our pouts soft and kissable. Feed those thirsty lips with a lip butter at night too for a hydrating treatment to nourish while you sleep.


plump it:

Want a fuller pout? So do we. Do it the natural way with essential oils which stimulate the circulation to your lips, swelling them and making them appear fuller. Look for lip products that contain some of these natural stimulants: cinnamon, anise, ginger root, lemon, helichrysum, and sweet basil. 


protect it:

We have this thing about protecting our skin from the sun, and this includes our pout. Too much sun exposure can cause fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and worse, can lead to sunburn of the lips. Protect your lips with an SPF before adding your favorite lip color.


color it:

You’ve hydrated, primed and moisturized - now add a pop of color. The power of lipstick can’t be overstated; a slick of bright lippie can enhance your smile and emphasize that perfectly prepped pout. Remember that matte lipsticks can be drying, so try to avoid using every day if you suffer from chapped lips. Instead, alternate the days with a hydrating lip color or go naked with a moisturizing lip butter.


a little plug: 

anokha Lip Butter is handmade in small batches and contains organic castor oil, organic beeswax, camellia seed oil, organic sunflower oil, vitamin E oil, and organic peppermint essential oil.


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