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article: behind the masque

behind the masque

behind the masque

the bottom line

We’ve discovered the most relaxing step of your beauty skin care routine that you just might have missed...


first layer: it's all the rage

Face masques have always been intensely popular, and for good reason.  They are true treatment products which produce a visible and immediate improvement to the skin. We like to think of masques as the beauty equivalent of ditching the bra and heels after a long day in the office - easy to do and immediately relaxing. Go ahead and feel smug – you’re nourishing your skin as you find your zen after a busy day. How’s that for multi-tasking?

From clay masques to cream or gel masques to those nifty sheet masques popular in Asia, the effects can be hydrating, soothing or clarifying - it all boils down to the ingredients they’re made with. But with so many face masks out there, what ingredients should you look out for - and what do they actually do?


second layer: complement your daily routine

So, you’ve rushed out of the office to pick up the kids from school on time, managed to put together some form of dinner, supervised homework completion, and cleaned up yet another spill. Adding another step to your nightly routine could actually seem like madness at this point. But hear us out. The best bit about masques is that you only use them when needed, so that could be once or twice a week - no pressure. Plus, putting aside that 20 minutes to smooth on a gorgeously scented product, sit back and relax could be the best thing you do for yourself all week. It’s the perfect excuse to de-stress and devote a little part of the day to you, alone.


third layer: it's what’s inside that counts

Masques have traditionally been made with clays of all sorts – rhassoul, white clay or kaolin, green clay, pink clay, bentonite clay – which can deeply cleanse by pulling dirt and impurities out of the skin. Cream and gel masques may contain botanicals which nourish and disinfect the skin, such as neem, holy basil (tulsi), green tea, turmeric, activated charcoal, sandalwood, rose petal powder…you get the idea. Sheet masks are essentially fabric cloths soaked in a solution which are then applied to the face for the ultimate hydration ritual. So look at those ingredients and select accordingly.


fourth layer: layer it on

You can use your fingers or a pretty brush to coat the masque onto your face and neck – skip the mouth and eyes. Now for the best part – lie down and zone out for 10 minutes or so while the lovely paste dries on your face. Once it’s dry, remove with lukewarm water or a warm moist towel and gaze into that mirror. Your skin is noticeably cleaner and brighter. Your pores are wise open and ready, so layer on the goodness with your favorite toner, serum, and moisturizer. Go forth and glow, beauty.


A little plug: anokha's Red Sandalwood and Neem Clarifying Masque is a clever pot of detoxifying goodness with red sandalwood, neem, holy basil, turmeric, and rose petal powder that can be used as needed for spot treatment, as a weekly masque, or in place of your daily cleanser.


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