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bakuchiol serum | retinol alternative | anokha

skin care for every layer of you

luxurious, efficacious, expertly-formulated skincare.

anokha is where clean ingredients meet clinical results.

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bakuchiol | retinol alternative | bakuchiol serum

about anokha

we believe your skincare routine should be layered, just like you. infusing your skin with what it needs, when it needs it. an everyday ritual that should be both sensory and restorative. clean and clinical. treated with natural actives of the highest quality, but made in small batches to minimize waste and maintain premium results for your skin.

created by board-certified nyc plastic surgeon Nina S. Naidu, MD FACS in 2008 , anokha was the answer to frequent patient requests for clinical grade products that were gentle on the skin, yet still achieved impressive results.

layering 25 years of Dr. Naidu’s medical expertise with extensive clinical and laboratory research, anokha’s award-winning formulas grow the beauty in every layer of you.

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"as stunning as anokha bakuchiol & pomegranate facial oil looks in the bottle, its effects are even more stunning on your skin."


"anokha lip butter...features a blend of beeswax and essential oils that serves as the perfect pillowy soft base for any lip color."


"an all-natural, planet-friendly skincare range isn’t what you’d necessarily expect from a New York plastic surgeon but Dr Nina S Naidu’s anokha is just that. her botanical ingredients pack a serious punch, however, promising clinical results."

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glass skin

it’s a Korean beauty ideal: glass skin. but what is glass skin, why do we all want it, and how do we achieve it? while some may consider glass skin to simply be a passing K-beauty trend, it’s funda...

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lavender | lavender oil benefits | how to use lavender essential oil | anokha

ingredient focus: lavender

lavender is a violet-blue flower with one of the most recognized scents in the world. but behind that calming fragrance, lavender hosts a number of phytochemicals that provide it with significant a...

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