you’re beautifully inquisitive. read on.


what is a toner?

a toner is a liquid-based product that penetrates the skin immediately after cleansing. it may contain astringents, alcohol, antioxidants, or natural actives. consider this the first leave-on step in your morning and evening routines.


why should I use a toner after cleansing? 

use a toner to remove the last traces of your cleanser, remove some dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and deliver hydration. we’ve included some wonderful natural actives in our alcohol-free toner, including burdock root, lotus extract, and gotu kola. 


how do I use a toner?

we favor the old-fashioned technique of applying a small amount to a cotton pad and then swiping it over freshly cleansed and still damp skin. some people like to spray it directly onto their faces as needed, while others prefer the fascinating but somewhat more time-consuming “7 layer” technique popular in K-beauty. to achieve toner nirvana, apply small amounts to each section of your face and tap into the skin gently, 7 times. skin bliss achieved.


what type of skin is best served by this toner?

all skin types can use our lotus flower & rosewater toner. it helps to cleanse oily types but will not dry out the skin. it’s especially lovely on sensitive skin, as our natural actives were selected to help soothe and decrease inflammation.


can men use this product?

yes, this product is safe for men, even right after shaving – there are no drying alcohols or essential oils. we're thrilled by the number of guys who have told us they love it, too. :) it helps to soothe freshly shaved skin, too. we’re working on a little something especially for men; watch this space.