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what is a lip butter?

lip butters are creamier and thicker than lip balms. they generally incorporate wax, butter, and oils to create a product that can be layered onto the lips as needed. lip butters help to hydrate and soften lips, especially during the winter. they can be used alone, or as a base layer for lipstick. our lip butter uses beeswax with castor, sunflower, and camellia oils to gently nourish and hydrate the lips.


how do you use a lip butter?

use a finger to apply a small amount to the center of your lips, then work your way towards the corners. add more as necessary for increased hydration.


how often do I need to hydrate my lips? 

this varies from one person to the next, but in general your lips will need more hydration during the colder, dry months. use a lip butter as often as needed to maintain hydration throughout the day. apply a light layer at night before bed to wake with a softer pucker.


why does your lip butter contain beeswax?

we love using wax in skin care products as they provide an occlusive layer while helping to thicken the product. beeswax is a natural wax which has a wonderful consistency when applied to the lips. it helps to lock in moisture while gently hydrating.


any chance that we’ll see a vegan lip butter at some point?

yes, we’re working on a vegan lip butter. it is very difficult to reproduce the characteristics of beeswax with vegetable waxes, but we have a few potential substitutes.


can men use this product? 

yes, this product is safe for men. we’re working on a little something especially for men, so watch this space.