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what is a serum?

“serum” is technically a medical term which indicates the clear, light yellow fluid that separates from blood when it coagulates. however, in the beauty world, it refers to the consistency of the product, and implies that the fluid is more viscous than water, but lighter than a lotion.


when and how should I use the jasmine serum?

we love to use it twice daily, after our morning and evening cleanses. begin with our oatmeal cleansing milk, follow with the lotus flower & rosewater toner, and then apply 2-3 drops of the jasmine serum to damp skin. (less is more here, beauty - just a few drops is al you need.) follow with a heavier crème if needed, and finish with a sunscreen of your choice.


I’m having trouble getting the serum out of the bottle.

we place orifice reducers on all of our oils and serums. we’ve found that this is more sustainable than glass droppers, and allows you to use just a few drops of the product at a time, which is all that’s needed. when the jasmine serum bottle is full, the product doesn’t flow as easily through the opening. if you shake it a bit, the product will flow, and will flow more readily as you use the product. if you’re impatient (like us), pull off the plastic orifice reducer gently, and either pour the product onto your fingertips, or use a glass dropper. save the orifice reducer for use later if you’d like.


how would I use the serum as a moisturizer?

we like to use the serum as a stand-alone moisturizer during the hot and humid summer months. in the winter, we start with the serum and then layer over a nice crème (such as our lotus flower & lychee crème – coming soon!). allow the serum to absorb prior to applying your crème.


can men use this product?

while we love our men, this isn’t necessarily the best product for their skin. we’ve included jasmine extract and sandalwood essential oil in this serum, which can irritate skin which has just been shaved. but don’t worry, we’re working on a little something just for you.