blue clay clarifying masque anokha
you're beautifully inquisitive. read on.


my blue clay doesn’t look blue in the jar. is it really blue clay?

blue clay from the salt lakes of Siberia can be blue, gray-blue, blue-green, or even tan in color when dry. it derives its particular hue from the condition of the soil and the weather at the time of harvest. when you activate the masque with a liquid of your choice (more on that below), it will turn a dark blue color, which then becomes light blue as it dries. but don’t worry – your skin won’t stain and leaving you looking like those cute cartoon characters from the 80’s.


how do I activate and use a dry masque?

to activate a masque, simply add a liquid of your choice to a small amount of powder. We recommend using a clean dish into which you place 5 grams, or about a teaspoon, of dry masque powder. add enough liquid to create a thick paste. swirl with a clean makeup or masque brush and apply onto your entire face, avoiding the eyes, nostrils, and mouth. leave in place until it has dried by about 70% (don’t let it dry completely as it will then start to pull moisture from your face). this may take from 5-15 minutes depending upon the humidity (or lack thereof) of your location. using moist fingers, begin removing the masque by rubbing your fingers over your face in circular motions until the masque has been completely removed. wash thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry.


what liquids can I use to activate my masque?

we’re glad you asked, beauty. the possibilities are truly limitless. start with water or toner if your skin tends to be balanced. try whole milk, coconut milk, or even yogurt if you need extra hydration. honey can also be very hydrating, albeit a bit sticky. aloe vera juice is wonderful is you have sensitive or irritated skin. experiment and let us know what works best for you by posting on social media and tagging us with @anokhaskincare and #anokhabeauty. 


why doesn’t the masque come already activated?

clays are notoriously difficult to preserve. one option is to irradiate the clay, but we prefer not to treat these natural ingredients with radiation. another option is to use a preservative, but natural preservatives are not yet strong enough to adequately preserve activated clay masques. not preserving an activated masque is a recipe for disaster, as water invites the growth of bacteria and mold. so, until a more robust natural preservative is developed, we’ll serve up your clay masques in dry form to protect you.


my skin tingles when I apply the masque.

blue clay helps to stimulate the circulation when applied, so you may note some tingling on application. this should dissipate within a few minutes. some people are very sensitive to essential oils, and in this case, we recommend leaving the jar open for a few minutes prior to using the masque. the essential oils added to the masque are in very small quantities (less than 1% in total), and are all “top notes”, which means that they will dissipate rapidly. If your skin remains sensitive, try activating with milk or aloe vera to reduce any tingling. your skin may appear slightly red for a few minutes after removing the masque, but this will resolve.


why are there so few masques available for purchase?

why, indeed. Cambrian blue clay is a bit challenging to source as it is harvested from the salt lakes of Siberia. we work with a distributor who is able to supply us this wonderful clay in limited quantities, and we sample every batch to ensure that it meets our standards. we hope to have more masques in stock in the future.