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  • the powerful pomegranate

    Nina Naidu

    Posted on August 18 2019

    the powerful pomegranate

    From ancient Egypt to modern times, the pomegranate has been worshipped as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Used as a natural remedy for over 3000 years, the pomegranate has re-emerged as the ultimate superfood for the skin. One look at the hundreds of glistening crimson seeds inside each pomegranate, and it's no wonder why people are keen to incorporate this beautiful fruit into their skincare routine.

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  • totally turmeric

    Nina Naidu

    Posted on September 15 2018

    totally turmeric
    It’s not just for colorful curries anymore - superfood turmeric packs a punch in the health and beauty department too. Turmeric is having a moment right now. Aside from making a seriously delicious hot drink, this sunshine-hued spice boasts a wealth of benefits for mind and body. Here are 6 reasons to spice up your life with a little turmeric ...