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  • lotus love

    Nina Naidu

    Posted on July 18 2019

    lotus love

    The lotus flower has been treasured throughout history as a sacred symbol of purity and vitality. But you may not know its hidden secrets. The lotus flower can lend its grace from head to toe, with not only astringent but also restoring properties. Read on for all of the amazing things that the lotus flower can bring to your body and spirit.

  • the smoking gun

    Nina Naidu

    Posted on March 18 2019

    the smoking gun
    You know it's bad for your health. But did know how bad it is for your skin? If you need yet another reason to quit smoking, read on.
  • giving thanks

    Nina Naidu

    Posted on December 31 2018

    giving thanks

    “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all the others.”


    A little late, but never belated. Our founder muses about the meaning of the season.

  • lotions and potions: all about serums

    Nina Naidu

    Posted on May 13 2018

    lotions and potions: all about serums
    Serums are highly potent additions to your skincare regimen. What’s in them, how to use them, and why.