The importance of ingredients


I am obsessed with ingredients.  Their origins, history, cultural and spiritual significance, and of course their safety and efficacy, are considered carefully before I select anything for use in one of Anokha's products.  While I prefer to create as much as possible by hand, I do require the assistance of a chemist for my more complex formulations.  There's always a struggle between using the safest natural actives and preservatives and those which may be cheaper or easier to source. In some cases, when a chemist has refused to meet my requirements, I've changed labs.  We are gradually moving towards organic ingredients when they can be sourced, and essential oils in place of fragrance.  The journey is a long and slow one, and does require more of a financial commitment, but I believe that it is the best way to maintain the integrity of the line and reach thoughtful and educated consumers.  In the next set of blogs, I'll present some of the most powerful and fascinating ingredients that are used in Anokha Skin Care.

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